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The present day "School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering" was established in 1957, as the Metals Melting & Casting division in what was then known as the Tehran Institute of Technology (TIT). Initially, a four year intensive curriculum in Metals Melting & Casting became a new Metals Engineering degree. And likewise in 1961, the institute initiated an undergraduate program under the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. In 1970 TIT expanded its academic programs and was renamed Iran College of Science & Technology, ICST. . This expansion lead to the formation of the Dept. of Metallurgy, which offered undergraduate degrees in Metal Casting & Extractive Metallurgy. With industrial advancements in Iran’s steel, copper, aluminum, automotive, cement and construction productions, the necessity for...


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scientific association unions are formations which are create by voluntary presence of scientific association of universities and higher education institutions for huge scientific activities. Main target of forming these unions is creating appropriate field for manifestation of talents, encourage the spirit of creativity and scientific prosperity of students, expand the culture of partnership, Competition between students, create a framework and specific program for research and scientific activities, management, Coordination and monitoring activities and Protection of the rights of scientific associations, Financial and spiritual support from researches and scientific projects of students, graduates, Elites and inventors, Creating a suitable field for the completion and...


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Address: Department of Material & Metallurgical Engineering, University of Science and Technology of Iran, University St., Hengam .St., Resalat Square, Tehran, Iran

Phone call: +98 21 77 24 0372
Fax: +98 21 73 22 8870

Fax: +98 21 77 24 0372
Fax: +98 21 73 22 8870
Instagram: CMAT2019

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