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Scientific association unions are formations which are create by voluntary presence of scientific association of universities and higher education institutions for huge scientific activities.

Main target of forming these unions is creating appropriate field for manifestation of talents, encourage the spirit of creativity and scientific prosperity of students, expand the culture of partnership, Competition between students, create a framework and specific program for research and scientific activities, management, Coordination and monitoring activities and Protection of the rights of scientific associations, Financial and spiritual support from researches and scientific projects of students, graduates, Elites and inventors, Creating a suitable field for the completion and construction of chosen research projects.

Although the Association of Scientific Students of Materials Science and Metallurgy or the Student Organization of Materials Science and Metallurgy was officially launched in October 2002 at the same time as the Student Conference on Material Engineering and Metallurgy at the Iranian Science and Technology University, but in fact, its foundation was laid in year 2000. Since the founding of the Student Scientific Association unions, 39 ones have been formed. By the end of October 2005, only 3 scientific unions had been formed and since 2013 a significant growth of 36 new unions was set up.

Union of Scientific Associations activities include holding 15 rounds of national heat treatment competitions, 15 rounds of Scientific Conferences of Materials Engineering Students, 7 rounds of national casting competitions, 4 rounds of national ceramic competitions, 3 rounds of national Metallography competitions, 2 rounds of national Production and recycling metals competitions, holding different training courses at universities across the country and etc. It is worth noting that The union has succeeded got the first place in Choosing Top Student Unions From the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology at the Harekat festival In both consecutive periods in the Country. Among other honors of the union are the selection of the second round of the ceramic contest as the top scientific technology competition, the selection of the first round of casting as a highly regarded scientific technology competition, and the selection of the 12th Heat Treatment Championship hosted by the Iran University of Science and Technology as a worthy contest.

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