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The series of scientific congresses of materials engineering was established in 2001, with the aim of gathering academics and industries concerned with metallurgy. In addition to presenting specialized articles, educational workshops and technical meetings were held in these conferences in order to provide the academic and industrial society of Iran with an opportunity of exchanging ideas and having constructive interaction. This conference was the first activity of the union of scientific associations of metallurgy.

Each year the congress is hosted by one of the top Iranian universities. After 15 periods it has become one of most powerful and active student-based gatherings of the country considering the yearly attendance of special guests from industrial unions and students from all over the country. The extent of this is so widespread that on the sidelines of each period of this congress, several specialized meetings are held with the presence of significant industrial and academic figures from the central institutions of Iran. Furthermore, the side exhibition has provided an opportunity for a variety of industries and universities to become closer in order to take great steps for the improvement of Iran's materials and metallurgical industries with an efficient cooperation which is today considered to be rare in Iran.

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